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Making Hot Cake from Corn

Ingredients: 1 cup Corn Flour 3 cup Flour 3 tsp Baking Powder 1 cup Sugar 4 tbsp Margarine (melted) 1 can Evap Milk (small) 2 pc Egg Yolk 1 cup Squash (cooked and mashed) 1/4 tsp Vanilla 1/4 cup Cooking Oil 1 cup Water Cooking Procedure Put in bowl all ingredients and mixed thoroughly, add

The Booming of the Food Cart Business

Small capital, easy set-up and a good chance of success are just some of the reason why Food Cart Business is thriving in the Philippines. If you will look at the market trend today, Food cart business is the choice of most aspiring entrepreneurs. A mobile food cart is a business where you can start

Making Pandesal from Corn Flour

Rising Ingredients: 2 tsp yeast (rapid rise yeast) 1/4 cup fresh milk (lukewarm) 1 tsp sugar Dissolve yeast in lukewarm milk, add sugar and mix thoroughly until sugar is dissolved then leave it for 10 minutes. Making of Dough: 1 cup Bread flour (for sprinkle) 35 gram Flour 40 gram Corn flour 100 gram Sugar

Cassava Production Technoguide

Cassava is one of the important root crops in the Philippines because of its many uses. Aside from being used as food, and feed ingredients, cassava is also used in the manufacture of industrial products. It is also used as raw material in the production of ethanol. Moreover, cassava can be processed into different food

Rice-Prawn Farming System

Source of Technology A modified technology of the Department of Agriculture, Rice + Fish Farming System was launched in 1979. In the year 2001, an on-farm research on rice and prawn farming was initially introduced in the upland areas of two barangays Oples and Taytay, Nagcarlan, Laguna. Technology Description Rice-prawn culture is considered to be