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Citrus Production, Part 2 Orchard Management

Fruit tree production is assuming a general importance and have direct role in the rural economy of the country. New orchards are being established and existing orchards are being expanded in many parts of the country due to the increasing demand for fruits and fruit products in local markets and export potentials of some fruits.

Citrus Production, Part 1 Common Varieties

Calamondin – This is locally known as kalamansi. Its tree is small with upright branches. Its leaves are broadly oval, dark green on the upper surface and pale green underneath. Its fruits are small, ranging from 0.3 to 3.5 cm long and 3.8 to 4.5 cm in diameter. The juice is rich in phosphorous, calcium,

Vermicomposting: Turning Trash to Cash

Philippine Agriculture has been faced with problems on low productivity, low income of rural households and pollutive disposal of farm wastes due to the burning of crop residue and dumping of animal wastes into bodies of water. Low productivity especially in crop production is largely due to the declining fertility of the soil brought about

How to Make Hamonadong Bangus

Materials  needed: Bangus (259 grams in size or more) Marinating solution: 800 Salometer brine (composed of 267.03 grams of salt per liter of water) 250 grams Brown sugar 6 pcs Bay leaves Nutmeg Black pepper Prague powder Paprika Procedure Wash milkfish then split . Remove all internal organs and false kidney. Debone.  Simmer the marinating

Rice-Fish Integrated Farming System, Part II Timetable

Raising Colocasia Colocasia sp., an aquatic plant also known as taro, is an excellent food material. It can be grown as an added commodity in a rice-fish farm. Practically, all parts of the plant can be eaten (tubers, stalks and leaves). It can also be utilized as food for fish and animals, especially pigs. The