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How to Make Candle Mould

You may wonder how candles are formed into different shapes. The secret lies in the candle molds. Molds are one of the most important materials in candle making. In the process, every type requires a unique mold, like the following. Types of Molds Dipping mold or metal tubing – used in making cylindrical candle. Semi-automatic

Choosing a Perfect Business to Start With

How to Choose a Business Many will be disappointed but I must agree with a text message sent to me recently that passion is not enough: “Mr Anlacan hi cn u tell how do we choose a biz cos i know liking sumthn is nt enough 4 a bizns thnx rosalie buenaventura 24 pasig” Doing

Coconut Fiber Cement Board Production

A coconut fiber-cement board (CFB) is a product manufactured from fibrous materials like coconut coir, fronds, spathes and shredded wood that are mixed with Portland cement at a predetermined ratio of 60-70% cement to 30-40% fiber by weight. CFB is made by forming the cement-fiber mixture into mats and pressing them to the desired thickness

Recycling Used Lead Acid Batteries

Batteries are used whenever electrical energy is needed but there is no direct connection to the public electricity grid. A battery can convert chemical energy directly to electrical energy. Depending on the battery system, this converting process is irreversible or reversible. When the process is irreversible, the battery is called a primary battery. The reversible

The Vital Role of Business Model

In starting a business, the right practice is to come up with a business model before writing your business plan. A business model focuses only on the basic ideas and process of how you will be earning your profit. You must first have a business model, at least, in your mind, before you can write

How to Make Tilapia Rolls

Ingredients: 1 kilo Tilapia sticks 1 cup soy sauce 1 cup brown sugar 1/8 calamansi juice 1 clove garlic 1 tbsp black pepper 100 pcs lumpia wrapper Procedure Prepare the marinating solution by mixing sugar and soy sauce. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Mix all other ingredients and soak the fish for 1 hour. Drain