Philippine Duck Industry Poises for Growth Through Itik Pinas

A new breed of duck is poised to improve the Philippine duck industry anchored on the support of the private sector. Launched during the National Science and Technology Week (NSTW), Itik Pinas (IP), a genetically superior breeder duck, improves the egg-laying performance of the Philippine Mallard Duck from 55 to 70% per year with an

Making Stove Fed with Dried Green Coco Chip

Features and Advantages Has a very strong fire with minimal smoke. A response to the fuel crisis of the urban families. Inspired by the rocket stove developed by the Aprovecho Institute. Can be built from used tin cans and with simple hand tools in about two hours. Features a vertical feeder that will allow the

Agrilink, Foodlink, Aqualink 2016

What: Agrilink, Foodlink, Aqualink 2016 When: October 6 to 8, 2016 Where: World Trade Center Manila (Pasay City) As in the past, Agrilink offers new technological breakthroughs to the trade participants of the agribusiness industry. That’s how it has been for the past 23 years as Agrilink, the undisputed leader in agribusiness exhibition showcase latest

Entrepreneur’s Guide to Mud Crab Fattening

Scylla serrata and Scylla tranquebarica are the common mud crabs occurring in the estuarine and mangrove areas along the East coast of India. Scylla serrata is commonly called as “red crab” and it prefers to live in low saline waters, whereas S. tranquebarica, the “green crab” lives in high saline waters. Male crabs of S.

Choosing a Supplier for your Retail Store

One of the most challenging parts of opening and running a “tiangge” or low-priced retail store is determining the right products to sell. Once you begin to develop your list of products the next big hurdle is finding the best wholesale suppliers to provide those products. Fail at either of these and you are in

Growing Organic Eggplant in Greenhouse

Growing organic plants remains to be one of the toughest jobs put forth before the modern day cultivators. Basics of agriculture remain the same even after many years. People would always want best out of any cultivable land. The aim is well justified only when sufficient facilities are available for the farmers. Adequate knowledge on