Tomato Contract Growing

The incredible part of this is that you can plant without having to worry about where to acquire the capital you need. Just give the ISTPP the assurance that you will sell them your harvest, and you can avail yourself of their financial assistance with a zero interest rate. Engr. Felipe Mateo, the general manager

Processing Tilapia into Smoked

Smoked tilapia is a delicacy not only in our country but also in Thailand and Nigeria. Tests indicate that smoked tilapia is highly acceptable among Filipinos. Procedure in smoking tilapia: Remove the gills and entrails Wash and soak in brine solution (1:3 salt to water) for 30 minutes to one house depending on the size

Processing Tilapia into Buro

“Burong isda” or fermented fish is a favorite among the Tagalogs and Ilocanos. To prepare “burong tilapia” follow these procedures: Scale 1 kilo of tilapia and split the fish along the dorsal side. Remove the internal organs, gills and traces of blood. Wash thoroughly and drain. Cut into single fillets. Mix one cup of salt.

Fungicide for Fruit Farmers

Nordox 50 WP is the only copper fungicide in the Philippines that contains cuprous oxide as its active ingredient. Manufactured by Nordox AS of Norway, a leading producer of high-quality cuprous oxide for use in agrochemicals, Nordox also kills bacteria, breaking up the resistance of these pathogens and disrupting the buildup of disease in areas

Organic Insecticides

Farmers are rediscovering the use of so-called bio-sprays or organic insecticides. These prove to be efficient alternatives for synthetic pesticides which often have disastrous effects on ecology and on humans. One advantage of going organic is that the materials to be used are indigenous. Moreover, procedures for making organic pesticides are simple and do not