Starting a Business in Nata de Coco Production

Nata de Coco is the Spanish word for “Cream of Coconut”. It is a chewy, translucent, jelly-like food product produced by the bacterial fermentation of coconut water. It is highly regarded for its high dietary fiber, zero fat, and cholesterol content. Estimated Investment Cost (based in 2009 prices) A.   Estimated Cost of Utensils Weighing scale

Starting a Business in Rice Retailing or Bigasan

Rice Retailing is a profitable business because rice is the staple food in our country. There are many rice varieties that consumers can choose from at low cost The preferred varieties for daily meals are white, long grained, and aromatic. Glutinous or sticky rice (malagkit) are used for native sweets. Estimated Investment Cost (based on

Starting a Business in Tomato Catsup Production

Ketchup, (spelled as catsup or catchup) also known as tomato ketchup, tomato sauce, or red sauce, is a condiment usually made from tomatoes. It started as a general term for sauce, typically made of mushrooms or fish brine with herbs and spices called “Ke Tsiap”. Tomato is classified as a vegetable. However, botanically speaking, tomato

How to Make Tomato Candy

Ingredients: 1 kg Tomatoes (thick, fleshy, red ripe) 2 cup Refined sugar 1 tsp Lime Confectioner’s sugar (optional) Calamansi extract (optional) Packaging Materials: Cellophane or plastic bags Procedure Wash, blanch tomatoes for 30 seconds and dip in cold water immediately. Drain and peel tomatoes. Cut crosswise into halves and remove the seeds. Prepare 0.1% lime

Processing Coconut Sap Into Sap Drink, Syrup, Vinegar

Sequential toddy and nut production (SCTNP) technology which produces toddy and nuts from the same spathe of the palms has provided the farmers to increase farm income without sacrificing the copra products and fully maximize the economic potential of the palms with the addition of another product which is the coconut sap or toddy. Coconut

Coconut Sap Sugar Technology and Processing

The Coconut Sap Sugar: Coconut sap sugar is derived not from the nut but from the toddy/sweet sap (tuba) The unopened inflorescence is thinly sliced (~6mm) Sap oozing out from the inflorescence is collected The sap is boiled, and concentrated, to form granulated sugar. Coconut sap contains 12-18% sugar, essential vitamins and amino acids and