ChatbotPH Empowers Small and Medium Businesses to Have Their Very Own Chatbots With BotMarketPH

PH’s first chatbot agency democratizes artificial intelligence via a marketplace with ready-to-use chatbot templates for SMBs Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots are changing the way businesses engage with customers. They are already being used to automatically answer frequently asked questions, as well as automate the selling of goods and services via messaging platforms such as Facebook

How to Grow Sayote or Chayote

Sayote or chayote is a climbing plant that can rise as high as 12 meters. Its leaves are heart-shaped, 10-25 cm wide and with tendrils on the stem. The flowers are cream-colored or somewhat green that come out beneath a leaf or branch. If the plant is male, the flowers are in cluster; if female,

How to Grow Cucumber

There are two kinds of cucumber: one is for preserving and the other is for serving raw as salad. The one for serving is short and plump with white or black spikes, dark green in color that turns whitish at the ends. If the spikes are white, these turn yellow or white as they mature.

How to Make Sweetened Green Banana Chips

Ingredients: 5 kg Green matured banana (saba variety) 1 kg Sugar (refined) 1 L Water 6 L Oil Utensils/Supplies Knife (stainless) Stove Chopping board Absorbent paper Banana slicer Measuring cup Strainer/ladle Carajay Colander Plastic sealer Basin/mixing bowl Thermometer (100 – 250°C) Weighing scale Packaging Materiaks : PE/PP bags Procedure: Prepare 50% sugar solution. Mix 1

How to Make Banana Puree

Procedure: Peel the ripe fruit. Mash or grind with an equal amount of water. Add preservatives (ascorbic, 0.1% and/or citric acid, 0.2%) until it is in uniform consistency. Heat the puree to 82-93°C for 10 minutes. Place in sterilized containers and seal immediately. source:
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