How to Make Guava Wine

Procedure Select ripe and sound fruits. Cut into quarters. To 1 part fruits, add 2 parts water. Boil until the fruits are soft. Strain and measure the extract. To every three (3) parts extract, add 1 part sugar. Stir and measure the extract. Cool. To every 15 to 15 liters, add one-tablespoon yeast. Place in

How to Make Guava Jelly

Procedure Select equal mixture of green and ripe guavas. Wash and cut into halves or quarters. For every kilo of guavas, add 2 liters of water. Boil in enamel or stainless steel basin for 30 minutes. Strain thru a cheesecloth bag. Crush the pulp and boil again, using 1-2 liters of water. Strain and combine

Cacao or Cocoa Farming

Cocoa is Grown on Trees The cocoa tree bears fruit on its trunk and branches. They are called pods. The pods contain seeds which are called cocoa beans. The beans are made up of a seed coat, a kernel and a germ. Cocoa needs a high temperature, plenty of water, and air that is always

Production Guide on Guava, Cultural Practices

Land Preparation Рplow the area once or two times followed by several harrowings to completely pulverize and expose the soil. It is best done during the dry season. Stake the field and dig holes at a distance of 5 Р7 meters to accommodate 277 seedlings in a hectare. In fertile soils, wider spacing is

Coconut Coir Processing

The growing global demand for geotextile, weaved coconut fiber twines, has transformed the priorities of the Philippine coconut industry. The industry whose only source of income in the export market was copra now faces a great challenge in meeting the growing demand for geotextile in countries like China and USA. However, the production of coconut