Growing Gmelina (Yemane) and Its Benefits Part 3 Pests

a. Lepidopterous defoliators b. Chrysodeixis chalcites, Archerontia lachesis and Attachus spp. These have been observed seriously infesting seedlings in nurseries and plantations in Nueva Ecija. Their larvae feed occasionally on leaves, leaving only the midribs. Infestation occurs every year. While some plants succumb completely to the attack, some recover to produce new shoots. Control: Spray

Growing Gmelina (Yemane) and Its Benefits Part 2 Sowing

Drying and storage Airdry the seeds for 5 – 7 days. They can be stored with or without fungicide dressing to attain 7% – 8% moisture content at 7°C – 8°C. Seeds stored at room temperature remain viable only for 2 – 3 months. Pregermination Soak seeds in tap water overnight prior to sowing. Sowing

Growing Gmelina (Yemane) and Its Benefits Part 1 Description

Yemane (Gmelina arborea) is known for its very remarkable growth rate. In three years, one can attain a merchantable timber size of 5.8 m – 8.3 m with 10 cm – 15 cm diameter. Likewise, at this age, it is already a prolific seeder. Yemane is a raw material for pulp and paper making, posts,

Goat Raising in the Tropics

Goats play an important role in food production systems in developing countries. Their great popularity can be explained by their good adaptation to many different climates (ecological adaptation) and the many uses for which they can be kept. Goats are especially important in developing countries: in 1981, 96% of the world’s goat population of 496

Guide to Planting Sweet Pearl Hybrid Corn

Features: Contains premium sweetness gene, super sweet and waxy kennels Superior hybrid seed variety High yielding hybrid Wide adaptability Benefits: Pinakamatamis at masarap na puting mais Class A, uniporme at mahaba and bunga, puno ng butil hanggang dulo ang bunga (full tip filling) madaling ibenta at mas mataas and presyo The best malagkit corn variety

Guide to Planting Sweet Grande Hybrid Corn

Features: Best quality ears Contains premium sweetness gene High yielding hybrid with wide market potential Vigorous with strong disease tolerance Benefits: Grande sa laki ang bunga, matamis, makatas, malutong at hindi nagsasapal Mas marami and Class A – malaki at mahahaba and puso (18-18 kernel rows) puno ng matimyas na butil hanggang dulo. Nananatili ang