Mutual Fund Investing and Its Pros & Cons

Mutual funds have often seemed like a golden investment because what can be a relatively small amount of money ends up being greatly diversified. The core idea of this kind of investment goes back to the basic rule of, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. In recent years it has become more apparent

Organic Farming in the Philippines

In the Philippines, the term “organic farming” is very loosely used. What is really the true meaning of the term? It evolves on three issues. One is the non-usage of chemical inputs in terms of fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, etc. Second, it has to be non-GMO—meaning, no use of genetically modified organisms. The third one, which

What Is Organic Farming and Its Many Benefits

What is organic farming? Organic Farming is a technique used in farming without the use of any chemicals or synthetics. Aim of organic farming is to produce crops which have the highest nutritional values with least impact on nature. Crop rotation, green manure, use of natural fertilizers and biological pest control form the crux of

The Business of Growing Lilies, Part 2 Growing

Growing lilies Before, lilies were considered difficult to grow as it needs horticultural knowledge in order to make it grow healthy. Today, knowing how to take care of your plants is the key in ensuring its healthy growth. Aside from enough love and attention, lilies, like any other flower, need specific requirements. Among the requirements

The Business of Growing Lilies, Part 1 Primer

More and more Pinoys are discovering the business potentials of growing lilies. Lily is one of the flowers always considered during church weddings especially lilies white and “stargazer.” These flowers have high market value because of their unique beauty and its usefulness from simplest to extravagant occasions. Lilies in the Philippine Market Filipinos nowadays have

How To Make Car Shampoo for Small Business

Homemade car shampoos will save you a lot of money. There are many ways to make your own homemade car shampoo. Learn how to make car shampoo by following these simple steps. 1. Ready-To-Mix Kit Raw Materials: 1 kg MC GEL 500g Industrial Salt 50 ml Colorant 25 ml Scent 120 ml Moisturizer 120 ml