Cheaper Alternative Feeds for Pangasius

Small-farmers are now in a better position to join the Pangasius bandwagon, after the BFAR Region 02 has determined the viability of feeding the fish with indigenous or alternative diet. Dubbed as ‘the new darling of the aquaculture industry, pangasius offers more income compared to other popular farmed fishes, however, it also requires higher capitalization.

Coconut “Ubod” Processing

Raw Materials: Ubod ng niyog Salt Ascorbic acid Utensils: Casserole Knife Weighing scale Chopping board Cylinder Stove Preserving jars Procedure: Choose coconut ubod free from fibrous material. Select only tender but crisp part of the trunk. Trim and wash vegetable thoroughly. Cut into slices of 2 inches long and 1-inch thick. Immerse immediately in tap

How To Make Chicken Relleno for Food Business

Chicken relleno or Stuffed chicken comes from the Spanish word “Rellenar” which means “to stuff. The chicken is stuffed with ground pork, vegetables, hard boiled egg, chorizo or ham, and then baked. Dressed chicken should weigh 1.4 kilograms to come up with a chicken relleno of 2.0 kilograms cooked weight. Cooking can be done in

Microlending Business Guide

The lending industry thrives better in times of financial crunch. To cope with the crisis, people try to stretch their budget and augment their income. Many households put up sari-sari stores; family members look for sidelines, try working abroad, or simply try to borrow money. To raise the money to finance these activities, many of

A Study of Growing Durian in Mindanao

Durian (Durio zibethinus Murr.) commonly known as the king of tropical fruits, is a native of the Malay Archipelago. It is highly nutritious, with high protein, carbohydrate and vitamin contents (Coronel, 1986 and Banubay, 1998). The tree has an economic life span of 25 years or more. Although, its fruit has a peculiar odor, it’s

How to Make Coconut Whey Syrup

Ingredients: coco whey refined sugar hydrochloric acid Utensils: expeller or press centrifuge (separator) pH meter stainless steel cooking vessel stainless steel spoon refractometer double boiler stove Packaging Material: Sterilized glass jars with new PVC caps Procedure: A. Preparation of Whey Prepare coconut skim milk as described in Coconut Honey (steps 1 & 2). Adjust pH