Coconut-Banana Intercropping

Bio-Physical Basis for Intercropping In monocrop coconut, much area is left unproductive throughout its life span. The effective root area per coconut palm is only 12.5 sq m and the functional roots are concentrated between 30 and 130 cm depth, which give an ample space for intercrop. In intercropping with banana, fertilization of coconut should

How to Make Kamias Candy and Preserved

A desert or snack, candied kamias is an excellent substitute for imported prunes. A 100-gram pack of candied kamias sells at P5.00 at wholesale, and P6.00 to P 7.00 at retail. Usually, small- time producers sell their products to wholesalers and large retailers such as groceries and supermarkets. Candied kamias are sold on cash or

Guide to Young Corn Production

Young cob corn (Zea mays L.), the newly developed corn, has been used by Chinese as vegetable for generations and this practice has spread to other Asian countries. It is used as ingredient in most food preparations. It has nutritive value similar to that of non-legume vegetable such as cauliflower, tomato, cucumber and cabbage. This

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

The health and nutritional benefits from consuming coconut oil have been recognized in many parts of the world for centuries. In India, coconut tree has been considered from time immemorial as “Kapavrisksha”, literally meaning “a tree that bestow all boons”. Atherosclerosis and Cholesterol Coronary artery disease (CAD) is a condition in which the blood supply

Free Agriculture Seminar at ATI-DA for 2017

Schedule of seminars: February 10 – Mushroom Seminar March 2 – Agri By-Products Utilization March 7 – Mango Production & Processing May 12 – Poultry Production & Processing June 9 – Swine Production 7 Meat Processing July 14 – Herbs & Spices Production and Processing August 11 – Cassava-based Processing August 25 – Cutflower Production

Making Chicken Ham for Homebased Business

Ingredient: Whole chicken Stock of Saturated Salt Solution (SSSS): 2 cup Salt 8 cup Water 5 cup Boiled water Pumping Injecting Solution: 1 cup SSSS 1/2 cup Boiled water 2 tsp Prague powder 2 tbsp Sugar (white) 1 tsp Ham spice 1/2 tablet Ascorbic acid (250 mg) Pickling Solution: 6 cup SSSS 4 cup Boiled