Enhancing Your Pasture for Sustainable Native Chicken Production

Native chicken is commonly raised by most of the households in rural areas. It constitutes 46% of the total chicken population (76 million head). The native chicken industry allows participation of the rural poor in the production of high-quality chicken products that are paid premium prices. The Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources

Dehydration Process of Garlic

Garlic (Allium sativum Linn.), commonly called bawang, belongs to the liliaceae or sibuyas family. It is an annual herb consisting mainly of a bulb, also called head, which in turn is divided into several sections called cloves. Each clove has a separate skin or peel that is usually removed before using. Propagation Garlic is propagated

Mudcrab Culture Technologies

Studies conducted at SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department, some in collaboration with the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, have generated mudcrab culture technologies which are now available for adoption by fish farmers. Through these studies major constraints in the management of mudcrab farming were addressed. It is now possible to increase stocking density with improved survival

Making Jelly from Fruits and Vegetables

Not all fruits can be made in to jelly. Only those that have flavor and a substance called pectin can be transformed into delicious jelly, such as the bignay fruit, papaya, duhat, santol, tamarind and guava. Soursop (guayabano) sininguelas, breadfruit(rimas), anonas and chico all have high pectin content. Testing Fruit for Pectin To determine whether

Setting Up a Combination Business of Money Changer, Pawnshop, and Remittance Center

With the intense competition across all industries, it can be hard to think of a business that will give you the best chance for success. To enhance profitability, enterprising people have been setting up combination businesses that are now revolutionizing many industries. These businesses rely on synergy, which occurs when the total is more than

Freshwater Pearl Farming, Part 2 Pond Management

Pond Management In addition to proper tissue transplantation, good pond management is very important. The water should have enough phytoplankton in it to cause it to have a light green color. If the color becomes dark green, the water is too rich with plankton, which might deplete the oxygen content of the water at night.